Meeting in Grenoble

Last October 20th, IBV and UGA hold a meeting at Grenoble. The main topics discussed were about possible improvements at the Age-friendly design course, and specially the promotional activities to encourage students to access the pilot course. Exploitation actions were also discussed. Remember thet the Age-friendly course is open. If you are interested, you can join


“Design of age friendly workplaces” MOOC course is now available. The aim of this online course is to provide ergonomic tools, recommendations and design criteria with the aim of improving health, comfort and efficiency of aged workers. If you are interested, you can join the course for free at the UPV[X] MOOC Platform: Students

Age-friendly design meeting

Last July 18th the AGE-FRIENDLY DESIGN project partners met at the EIT Health facilities in Barcelona. Alberto Ferreras from IBV and Pierre Gillois and Nuria Calves from UGA updated the project status and planned the tasks for the next months. Actually we have developed all tyhe materials of the MOOC course that are actually being

Kickoff conference

A teleconference was hel last March 23rd between the two partners of the AGE-FRIENDLY DESIGN Project: Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia and Université Grenoble Alpes. The goal was to define and schedule the project tasks and establish the pedagogical strategy to develop the training materials.

Our course

Are you interested in our MOOC Course? These are the main contents that we are going to develop: MODULE 1: ERGONOMICS Introduction to Ergonomics. MODULE 2: AGED‐WORKERS Ageing and Work. Ageing and prevention of ergonomic occupational risks. MODULE 3: ERGONOMIC CRITERIA. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS Ergonomic criteria in the design of workplaces and work environments How to


The AGE-FRIENDLY DESIGN Project has officially started. After the first contacts between the two partners (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia and Université Grenoble Alpes) the first tasks are now in progress: Develop a detailed course structure Define the VET curriculum and the pedagogical approach